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Sepidteb Azmoon Laboratory

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St,khaled slamboli (vozara) Ave., Tehran, Iran




Sepid Teb Azmoon in 1390 under the management of Mr. ETEMADI with the participation of professors and industry leaders Pharmacy was opened. The most important devices are the devices in the laboratory HPLC, UV / Visible Spectrophotometer, Viscometer, Dissolution Tester, Disintegration Tester Friability Tester, Hardness Tester, Bulk density Tester, Karl fisher Titrator, Moisture balance, Polari meter, Vacuum oven, PH meter, Conduct meter, Pottentiometer, Refractometer, Melting point, be mentioned.
In addition to the above equipment for pharmaceutical formulations, do Accelerated stability and shelf, the formulation of the rotary press machine, coated tablet, capsule filling, grinding and stability chambers equipped.
In addition to equipping the laboratory with advanced equipment as well as the best possible evidence were documented process.
During this period, the laboratory received the certificate of qualification of partner laboratories (ACCREDITE) on raw materials and finished products and cosmetics - Hygiene of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education were. In this regard, ISO 17025 audit request from the Standard Administration of Iran (for the laboratory) is also given.
The objectives of the research-development laboratories ISO 17025 quality control certification test after internal medicine white, obtaining this certification is now DAKKS Germany.
White medicine quality control laboratory testing with all their might all ready to provide services to pharmaceutical companies, raw materials and Mrakzthqyqaty and academic materials and products for analysis and prepare cases pharmaceutical formulations are doing. White quality control laboratory medicine research projects with university centers also test for further cooperation.
foreign, meet the needs of the country's pharmaceutical market will bring.

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